The Future of Television: Change is Coming Fast

I found this interesting post about the future of televisión. If you want to read it completely check this URL:

Imagine a world where you can download in some still-to-be-invented application or device all the shows you want to watch… think TiVo on steroids, thumb here. New “hit shows” like Lost, CSI, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, 24, etc are uploaded by the producers (not the networks) to their server. You can get new episodes of Jeopardy or Oprah or Days of Our Lives this way as well. Your device downloads them automatically, because you programmed it to do so (like your TiVo). But there’s more. Shows that are now “syndicated” can be downloaded, too. Want to watch the 3rd season of Seinfeld? or the 1st season of Sex in the City? or the entire run of the original Star Trek? Download ‘em all! …

…Michael Eisner has an teen drama airing on MySpace. The BBC recently launched iPlayer. NBC, NewsCorp, and Comcast have signed an agreement to provide shows online. The BBC is the latest European network to provide online programming…

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