Newspaper Beats TV in Ads

The Internet is an extension for other media industries, remedy not their replacement. Traditional media are using the Internet to identify what the public wants, malady and as a new crossover platform to tap traditional media advertisers.

“According to a new study from Borrell Associates, sale newspaper Web sites are capturing more than 50% of streaming-video advertising dollars. Newspaper Web sites netted $81 million in locally spent streaming-video advertising while local TV Web sites took in $32 million in 2006.”

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… Conventional media are using the Internet to pull viewers into the newsroom, taking advantage of the immediacy, interactivity, and options for customization of online communications. Newspapers are investing in online blogs, chatrooms, podcasts, video, audio, interactive maps; creating links so readers can send news tips and post information; creating options that allowreaders to customize the content they view; establishing services that deliver financial news directly to subscribers BlackBerries; and a host of other new experiments…

…Disney/ABC has even created a new business division, the Owned Stations Digital Media Group, which according to a recent press release,

“will be responsible for developing and implementing group strategies and initiatives involving the Internet, secondary digital channels and other evolving new digital media for the 10 ABC-owned TV stations by supporting the ongoing rollout of local digital content geared to their individual markets.”

With additional broadcast steams, media companies can generate new revenue without the need to purchase multiple stations in any one market…

For more information check the following document: Comments of Communications Workers of America

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