E-Greens: The Rise Of Media Environmentalism

E-Greens: The Rise Of Media Environmentalism
By Dick Meyer

This is an interesting article about Media Ecology by Dick Meyer. To read the complete story go to:

NPR.org, December 4, 2008 · If you’re reading this, you’re at risk.

You, along with probably 90 percent of the American population older than 6 months, are susceptible to a variety of sneaky maladies associated with the Media Age: information overload, couch potato-obesity, social isolation, stressful multitasking and leisure time deficits. The “vast wasteland” is wasting us, as promised.

“Being mindful of your media diet is media ecology. The wonderful thing is that unlike with global warming and pollution, you can control your own exposure.”

I recently learned there is a young, interdisciplinary academic field devoted to protecting us from media toxicity. It’s called media ecology. In fact, I discovered that I have been a practicing media environmentalist for quite a while without even knowing it. I’m an E-Green and proud of it…

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